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     Most people including Christians from mainline denominations would have difficulty understanding the significance of this event.  So a bunch of high school kids were out having a good time!  So what? 
     Of course, back then as well as now even the most liberal parents would not want their kids driving and drinking.  Today, in fact, we probably have a heightened sensitivity to the dangers involved.  We also know more about the health hazards of smoking today than anyone realized in the 50s. 
     But, rightly or wrongly, most people today would not see anything in kids going out to a dance and playing jazz on the radio that would call into question their Christianity.  Gothard, however, took this as an indication that the youth program in his church was failing.  Given his background, the only thing that could have made the situation worse would have been if the kids had also attended a movie!  From this point on, he made it his mission to produce young people who would conform to his idea of what it meant to be good Christians.